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Certificates Geotrust


GeoTrust ® is the second largest provider of SSL certificates. Over a 100,000 clients in more than 150 countries worldwide use GeoTrust for securing their online transactions, transfers and e-businesses.


The GeoTrust SSL product range consists of a Quick SSL Premium, True BusinessID, True BusinessID with EV, True BusinessID Wildcard, True BusinessID Multi-Domain and a Multi Domain with EV. Every GeoTrust certificate comes with unlimited server licenses and a certificate that functions with and without the 'www' (you have to order a certificate with the www).


Quick SSL

The Quick SSL Premium is a Domain Validated SSL Certificate, with mobile support and issued very quick within few hours. You can order the Quick SSL Premium for six years, so even more cheaply.


True BusinessID

The True BusinessID is the same certificate as the Quick SSL, but an Organisation Validated SSL Certificate. You can also by a version with EV and a Wildcard. However, the time to issuance at a True BusinessID certificate is longer than the Quick SSL, namely one or two days. This because of the extended validation.