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What is EV,DV,OV


Domain name validation (DV)


A DV SSL Certificate is easy to obtain. You have this certificate within a couple of minutes.


The DV SSL Certificate only certifies the website is secured. There is no Certificate Authority (CA) who has checked and validated the identity of the owner of the website. 


Common use
Used for websites that just need a https connection (secure connection), or a secure connection for webmail, intranet, citrix secure gateway, and so on. This SSL Certificate is perfect in case one needs a SSL Certificate immediately.




Organisation validation (OV)


An OV SSL Certificate certifies that the company or organisation is definitely the owner of the website because this is checked and validated by the Certificate Authority (CA). Not only your domain name but also the company itself is validated, providing double trust for visitors/clients.


It takes 1 or 2 days before an OV SSL Certificate is issued. Some authorities request a faxed document or validation is made by a telephone call with the owner of the website. These extra efforts make OV SSL Certificates more expensive than DV SSL Certificates.


Common use
Mainly used for E-commerce websites because it certifies the domain name and the identity of the website owner. To view the certificate details however, one has to perform a few steps and this is not always obvious and easy to find.




Extended validation (EV)



An EV SSL Certificate activates the 'green address bar' with the latest web browsers like IE7 en Firefox 3, and visualises the identity of the website owner and the Certificate Authority. This EV SSL Certificate has the highest level of trust and security.


Due to extended guidelines and procedures, the EV SSL Certificate is more expensive than DV or OV certificates. It also takes 1 or 2 weeks before the certificate is issued.


Common use
Used by companies and organisations who want to offer their clients the highest level of security. Fraud and phishing techniques are almost impossible with EV SSL certificates, therefor not only clients benefit form the EV SSL Certificate but the company and its brands also.